Do You Feel Air Coming Through This Vent?

I already have a blog in which I try to write witty, insightful posts about my life and my perspective as a teacher, a lesbian, a non-bio mom, a New Yorker, a writer, yadda yadda. I share the blog with a few other writers with interesting perspectives. This is going to be the place where I can obsess and whine and not even be literary. This will be the place that’s all gay all the time and all TTC for hopefully a short time. It is a place for me to opine about my amazing family and the steps I’m taking to add one more person to the mix.

The world needs another blog like it needs a hole in the head. Maybe I should have named this one, “A Hole In the Head.” Or perhaps simply, “Vent.”



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4 responses to “Do You Feel Air Coming Through This Vent?

  1. Lo

    Even though I fancy myself a writer, I have given myself permission to be entirely non-literary on my blog (else I would never write in the damn thing, I’m sure). I look forward to reading this version of you!

  2. Co

    Just saying hi to you on your new blog.

  3. Yeah, but… this one has a cool photo at the top! ;o)

  4. nice to share the boat with another sister 🙂

    linking to you now!
    thanks for finding me…

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